Cluster Tumble by Relax Gaming


Join the adventurous female explorer who looks very similar to Lara Croft in Relax Gaming’s Cluster Tumble slot. This quest plays out on an 8×8 grid with a Cluster Pays mechanic and bets ranging from 0.10 to 50.00 per spin. This high variance video slot has an RTP of 96.40% and comes with lightning and fire blocks, and when they get unlocked, they trigger some electrifying features.

There is also a Free Spins feature with multipliers in play which increase by 3 with each clearance and adds more free spins to your tally. Set out on this quest to win up to 20000x your total stake.

Cluster Tumble Slot Bonus Features

Cluster Tumble Slot comes with 5 bonus features and one of them is the Cascading Wins Feature. Here the Cascading Win feature gets played when you land a winning cluster of 4 matching symbols unblocking adjacent symbols and adding new symbols. Unlock all 64 positions and you activate the Free Spins feature.

Look out for two special stone blocks. They are activated when there’s a winning combination directly adjacent to them and players receive the following:

  • Lightning Win Feature

  • Fire Transform Feature

Next up we have the Free Spins feature which can get triggered in two different ways. The first is by landing 3 or more scatters and the second is unlocking all symbol positions. You then receive 5 free spins. Each time you land another scatter you receive another free spin which means unlimited free spins. Should you unlock all the stone blocks on the grid you receive a multiplier boost with 3 extra free spins.


Cluster Tumbles offers some decent gameplay action particularly when you unlock blocked positions. Further to this, there is a 20000x win potential. It’s a treasure hunt not to be missed.

Online Roulette: A Thrilling Casino Game That Boosts Conversion Rates

Roulette is one of the most classic and popular casino games in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The spinning wheel, the thrill of the betting, and the anticipation of where the ball will land – all these elements come together to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

Thanks to the growth of online casinos, roulette can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the game, online roulette is sure to provide hours of entertainment. In this text, we’ll highlight the different types of roulette games available, and why they are a must-have for any online casino looking to increase its conversion rate.

European Roulette: A Classic Game With a Modern Twist

European Roulette is a classic casino game that is enjoyed by millions of players around the world. It is based on a simple concept of betting on where a ball will land on a spinning wheel. The wheel has 37 pockets numbered from 0 to 36 and players can place their bets on any of the numbers, including a combination of numbers. The game is known for its low house edge, which makes it a popular choice among players who want to maximize their chances of winning.

French Roulette: A Refined Roulette Experience

French Roulette is similar to European Roulette, with a few notable differences. The most significant difference is the presence of two special rules, known as “La Partage” and “En Prison.” These rules offer players the opportunity to recover half of their bet if the ball lands on zero or to keep their bet “in prison” for another spin, respectively. These rules give players an edge over the house, making French Roulette a popular choice among players who like to maximize their chances of winning.

American Roulette 3D: A Stunning Visual Experience

American Roulette 3D is a modern version of the classic American Roulette game. This version features stunning 3D graphics that bring the game to life, making it an exciting and immersive experience for players. Unlike European and French Roulette, American Roulette has 38 pockets, with two zeros. This gives the house a slightly higher edge, but American Roulette is still a popular choice among players who like the thrill of the game.

Evoplay: A Leading Provider of Online Roulette Games

Evoplay is a leading iGaming development studio that provides online casinos with a range of high-quality online roulette games. With its commitment to innovation, Evoplay is dedicated to creating the best possible gaming experience for its players.

European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette 3D are just a few of the fantastic online roulette games that Evoplay has to offer. These games are designed with high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay, ensuring that players have a great time while playing.

One of the key benefits of having online roulette games in your casino is that the audience of these games is constant. Roulette is a classic game that has been enjoyed for centuries, and there are countless fans around the world who continue to enjoy playing the game today.

By having a range of online roulette games in your casino, you can attract a larger audience and increase your conversion rate. The variety of games on offer will cater to different player preferences, and the high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay will keep players engaged for longer.

Online roulette is a must-have for any online casino looking to increase its conversion rate. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the game, the excitement and thrill of playing online roulette is sure to keep players engaged and coming back for more. With Evoplay’s range of online roulette games, you can provide your players with a great gaming experience, and increase your conversion rate in the process.

9 Lions Slot Jackpot Win

An online casino site called Playamo recently hosted a jackpot prize won by a player who made only a $50 bet on the website to win the prize. A small bet on Wazdan’s 9 Lions was the beginning of what ended with a 20,000 payout to the winner. After the video slot game was released to players in 2018, 9 Lions won the G2E Asia Hot Product Award, and soon became one of the most popular slot games among players all over the world.

The Big Win

The customer hit the Dragon’s Bonus at Playamo after spinning for 50. It was hidden inside a dragon egg that the player picked. As part of this online slot game, you have the chance to score a 1000x bet bonus when you play the dragons. The player won 400 times the amount of money they wagered this time around.

According to Wazdan’s Head of Sales, Andrzej Hyla, Wazdan is ecstatic to see such a large amount of money won by a player who played 9 Lions on their platform. It was a real pleasure for players to see that their decision to play on the 9 Lions video slot had paid off most generously for the winners. Furthermore, it was also a real treat for Wazdan to see that both players and operators were equally thrilled with this game from the very first spin.

Playamo hopes to announce even more interesting and exciting big wins like this one in the near future.

Players here really seem to enjoy the user experience and design of the website that is associated with this online casino where the win occurred. Furthermore, Playamo also has over 2,000 exciting casino games on offer in addition to the classic options, slots, table games and live dealer games, that you can play for real money.


Christmas Miracle Jackpot at Luxury Casino

It was a difficult holiday season for AC and his family last Christmas. With AC’s wife quitting her nursing job due to ill health, the couple was just two weeks away from losing their house. During the holiday season, AC was running out of hope until he decided to use a $10 gift card he had received from Casino Rewards. The card was to play at Luxury casino, which he played the same night. It was then that a real-life Christmas Miracle took place.

AC played Mega Moolah with his gift card and won some money. Taking a shot at Lots a Loot was next on his list of things to do. The first prize he won was $40. His next move was to play again. Suddenly, he won $19,152, a huge jackpot. Although it was eleven p.m, AC was screaming with excitement. Despite having woken up his wife and children, they were not upset; in fact, they were eager to celebrate.

AC’s holiday season was completely transformed after winning the jackpot at Lots a Loot. They were able to pay off their car and save their home with the winnings

It won’t be long until they’re done paying off the house and the car due to this jackpot win. Their son is 15 and their daughter is 7, so the money will be put to good use for their education too. As part of the holiday season, they’ll be able to enjoy some Christmas presents as well as pay for the essentials.

AC enjoys playing at Luxury Casino because it’s fun, but he always remembers it’s only a game and a win is a bonus. Although he doesn’t have any tips on winning, he does have some advice on how to succeed. Even though the wins might not be huge, you might find that one day you have a chance to experience a Christmas miracle, just like AC. and his family.

Dracula Awakening Slot by Red Tiger Gaming


The Red Tiger Gaming Gloss of Dracula Awakening adds a touch of individualism to a volatile slot. A 5×4 grid with 30 paylines is used in this slot. To form a winning combination, players need to land three or more matching symbols. You can play it for as little as $0.10 per spin or as much as $20 per spin.

Dracula Bite Feature and Eclipse Spins are the most interesting features of the game, with a super Dracula for even bigger payouts. The max win potential on Dracula Awakening is 5317x your stake, and the RTP is 95.27%.

Dracula Awakening Slot Bonus Features

When three Eclipse symbols appear in full view, the Eclipse Spins feature will be triggered. Sun and Moon are displayed above the reels, and the Free Spins feature is available only during the day ( when the sun is showing above the reels ). A total of 7 free spins will then be given to the players.

All four rows of the reels are filled with a super Dracula which holds in place for the duration of the Free Spins. Wilds are formed when the female vampires land on the reels and get bitten by the super Dracula. While the Free Spins Round is active, the Wilds remain in place as well.

Dracula Wilds become Super Dracula Wilds during the Super Dracula Feature. He only appears on the middle reel at night, allowing for bigger wins.


If you like vampires and Dracula, then Dracula Awakening from Red Tiger Gaming is for you. This slot offers a generous 5317x maximum win, as well as unique bonus features with day and night transitions. Get ready to cash in on some big wins with this online video slot game which becomes very popular around Halloween!