Best Way To Tackle A Calling Station

Calling stations can be a very frustrating opponent to play because of their insistence to continue calling irrespective of the strength of their hand.

From the definition of calling stations, it’s clear that they aren’t good players because they lack the discipline to fold which is an important quality in poker.

The lack of discipline is what differentiates good players from poor players. Although calling stations aren’t decent players, they can be frustrating opponents to face.

If your strategy involves a high bluffing rate, calling stations can get the better of you because of their constant calls. If you’re struggling against a calling station, there are certain tips that can help you keep them in check. This guide will provide an insight into them.

What is a Calling Station?

Calling Station is a term used in poker to describe a player who finds it almost impossible to make laydowns. Regardless of the strength of their hand,their play remains characterized by a large number of calling, particularly with marginal and weak holding, which should result in folding.

From the above definition, it should be clear that most calling stations are not great poker players. One of the essential disciplined in poker is folding. This is what separates a good player from a poor one. It also what makes a big winner.

Yet, it might prove difficult to play against calling stations sometimes. This is true especially when your default gameplan is characterized by constant bluffing. In this case, calling stations can make it very hard form players who bluff a lot.

Just like other casino games with various tips that can help maximize winning chances –such as Steps for getting a no deposit bonus at Bet365 – there are important tips that can help in tackling a calling Station. These are explained as follows:

Avoid Bluffing

Bluffing against a calling station can be setting yourself up for beat. When facing a calling station you want to bluff with caution because they won’t hesitate to keep raising and when they see that you don’t have the hand to back up your bluff, you will lose money.

The best thing to do is to reduce bluffing or eliminate bluffing altogether except you have the cards to back it up.

Make More Value Bet

A good strategy against calling stations is to make as many value bets as possible. Making value bets continuously will help you take advantage of calling stations’ relentless calls.

Calling stations lack the discipline to fold, hence value bets give you the chance to punish them for it especially when you have a strong hand.

Isolate Them

When there are other players on the table, it might limit your chances of taking advantage of the calling station. When the calling station enters the pot with few opponents you should take full advantage by making value bets if you have a strong range of hands.

Replace Bluffing With Thin Value Bet

Bluffing against a calling station can be too risky but risks are necessary in poker. Hence you can replace bluffing with low-value bets when you don’t have a strong hand.

Calling stations are capable of paying out with bottom pair and even some high-card type hands so a low-thin bet is a reasonable risk to take.

Be Wary of Aggressive Calling Stations

Calling stations rarely make aggressive plays without having strong hands to back it up.

Calling stations often just check their hands and call, so when a passive calling station aggressively raises, it’s likely that they have the hands to go here you should approach with caution.

Hang Around Long Enough Till You Get Your Chance

Playing a calling station can be frustrating especially when you suffer consecutive losses. Calling stations don’t fold and this approach can sometimes turn things in their favor.

Calling stations approach will eventually cause them to lose in the long run so it’s good that you hang around to take advantage. By keeping your emotions in check and staying patient, you will be able to take advantage in the long run.

Adjust To Individual Opponents

There’s no hard and fast rule to facing an opponent in poker hence there’s a need to be flexible in your strategy. Calling stations are known to be passive, however, this generalization might not be always accurate.

It’s important that you adjust your strategy according to the opponent. Learning different poker strategies and defenses will improve your playing ability and make you a tougher opponent to beat.

Final Thoughts

Calling stations are players with lesser experience and ability. Facing them can be frustrating hence you need to approach the game with caution and adjust your strategy to take advantage of their weaknesses.